Cannabis bank

Bee breeders competition

Architectural design for the competition organized by the Bee breeders. The goal of the competition is to design a conditional pharmacy for selling medicinal cannabis and create a theoretical concept that would allow creating a similar function in the system of any state.

The Soviet Union left behind a huge number of health resorts, many of which are empty today, or are generally in a semi-abandoned state. The concept implies the introduction of cannabis use in several sanatoriums along with other medical procedures. Naturally, this is possible only if there is an appropriate diagnosis and an official referral. The sanatoriums may also have their production facilities, which will make it possible to conduct research and grow plants with the types most suitable for treatment.

The Foros sanatorium was chosen as an example. The pharmacy itself is made in the form of a circle in the plan. A common open area is provided along the garden centre of the building. At the edges, there are offices for communicating with doctors, as well as small spaces where you can retire with your company. The facade is made exclusively of glass so that visitors do not have the feeling of a medical institution, and nothing distracts them from contemplating the stunning nature of the botanical garden of the Foros sanatorium.


Андрей Стенюшкин

Дарья Терехова

Роман Любимов