The Renovation

International competition. Russian Federation

Project for the competition Renovation of the housing stock of Russia. At the Khoroshevo-Mnevniki experimental site as part of the work on the project, the I-Renovation consortium was created. In addition to architects, the consortium included specialists in sociology, transport infrastructure, economics, landscape and ecology.

Our project proposed the most careful approach to renovation, taking into account the habits and lifestyle of the residents of the renovated area. Minimum number of storeys, landscaped courtyards without cars, convenient infrastructure, primarily for pedestrians and users of non-mechanical transport.

In this project, we are actively using socio-cultural design. The main focus of thinking on the appearance of the buildings was the local inhabitants. We showed them our work at public hearings. A special website for communicating with inhabitants was made.

During the development of the project, I used virtual reality to explore the resulting neighbourhoods. This approach allows you to quickly select the most successful layout options for neighbourhoods. Walking walks across the territory allowed us to analyze our developments and feel the size and scale from a human point of view, which cannot be done using traditional flat photo and video visualization.

The experience I gained indicated the relevance and efficiency of using virtual reality to study design solutions. The successful society-focused policy of the project has been highly efficient in designing public spaces as well. The Jury rated our work very highly, and our approach to design was included in the strategy for the development of residential areas throughout Russia.